Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bice Family Adventure

Things I want before our next camping trip...

  • clothes pins (no more picking up dirty clothes after a wind storm for this girl)
  • double tall air mattress ( all the cool kids have them)
  • new tent if not "car camping" ( I threw the old tent in the trash at the end of this trip)
  • BETTER KITCHEN SETUP (this will make me a much happier camper)
  • battery operated fan ( for when the wind is not blowing everything out of camp)
  • books about local minerals, stones and gems and edible wild plants and mushrooms ( because I am a nerd)
  • a camera (so next time I can photograph the lightening storm, the boats sitting on top of each other and the kids all hopped up on Nature and Dr. Pepper)

On Camping with Kari...

I'm kind of a handful. I have a certain standards when it comes to camping. These standards
include Comfort, Cleanliness, and Comfort.

I'm big on comfort. Camping is not free, it sometimes costs more than let's say, oh.. I don't know... a weekend away in a hotel with a bed  and  free breakfast?
Yes, its nature and beauty and time away from my phone and computer. Its time away from the xbox and the computer and the phones and the TV for my kids. Its time to just hang out with Hubbins all day. I love it. I love all there is about camping, as long as I am comfortable. My kitchen set up is directly related to my comfort level.

So Hubbins bought me a lovely kitchen table set up like this one.
Coleman Pack-Away Camp Kitchen
It's like this one, but it's not this one. So you see my problem. I now want this one. Bad.
It even has a carrying case, which mine does not. Guess whats going on craigslist?


Cleanliness when camping...I know, I know. You're camping, get dirty and deal with it. Well...No. I won't. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to germs and bugs. I need a hand washing station people. So a hand washing station I have. And. I. Love. It.

Now, back to Comfort. This time though I mean the comfort that is robbed of us when we decide to hang out and then sleep in the woods, like our ancestors. The ground is not natures mattress. Mattresses are natures mattress. I love a good one, hate a bad one and envy thy neighbors double tall air mattress. I want one like this!
Coleman Queen Double Tall Air Mattress
Give me a nice warm set of flannel sheets and heavy sleeping bag and I am set. Hubbins is rather tall and his big feet will probably hang over the edge, but I cant help that.


The Great Tent Search of 2012

                       ( I am in no way affiliated with Coleman...I just think this the stuff is cool. )


  1. You crack me up love!!! When did you get so picky about sleeping on the ground?? I seem to recall numerous occasions, but that was when we were younger and more nimble, lol.

  2. Thanks Dani! I'm so happy that you read my blog! It's weird and cool all at the same time. As for sleeping on the ground. Something happened when I turned 30. I think it's called aging, but I no longer feel well rested after a night of sleeping on the hard ground. Gone are the days of my youthful limberness. Replaced instead by arthritis and sciatica.


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