Monday, October 15, 2012

Ainsworth Hot Springs

 Hubbins and I just got back from here...
 The main pool is kept at 98.06 degrees. It's deliciously warm and I never wanted to leave.
 This is the view from the road above the resort.
That's the Purcel Mountain Range and Kootenay Lake in the background.

Inside the caves the temperature ranges from 103 to 109. It is hot and steamy and I love it. My max time in is about thirty minutes...Hubbins, being the stubborn Finn that he is likes to stay longer.
      This was our Super Swanky Designer Suite.
I love Ainsworth. The Springs Restaurant inside the hotel has super yummy food and Canadian Wine.
 With the hot water, cool air, copious amounts of good food and delicious wine, you can't help but be happy and relaxed.

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