Sunday, October 21, 2012

PROJECT: Craft Room

This week I will be working on putting my office/craft room back together. So I thought I would share with you the before pictures, the really terrible, embarrasing before pictures.
The truth is,  I've been lacking in motivation lately which really blows as I have so many things that I want to do. So many half finished projects. So many Pinterest pins! 
Having Ulcerative Colitis really puts a damper on finishing projects around the house. Just when I finally get around to starting a project I'm sidelined by a flareup that puts me in bed for days at a time. Unfinished projects start to pile up and then I find that I am overwhlemed by the thought of cleaning up the mess.

So here they are,  I am happy to report that the photos are not current. I have gone through it all and have it divided into more manegable piles. I can even see the floor. It's pretty amazing.

It's terrible isn't it?

 Suitcases, an old printer & art supplies. There is even a small christmas tree, elliptical machine & three sewing machines. It's horrendous, I know.

 Well, there it is. My truth. No use in hiding it or pretending that it doesn't exist, no matter how much I wish that were true. I wish that every room in my house was as well organized, sparkling clean and meticulously decorated as my Pinterest Boards claim to be.
Someday. Someday it will all be sorta, kinda, perfect in a really imperfect kind of way.

Just the way I like it.
Next up, Inspiration!

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