Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Cake

I bought a huge bag of apples for the kids to take to school as snacks in the middle of September. It is no surprise that here we are, nearly the second week of October and I have way too many apples in the crisper.
Abandoned there, to wilt and rot. Gross. I try really hard to not let produce go to waste.
So with Fall in the air and the temperature outside falling, I turned on the oven and set about to using those apples. These babies only had a few days to live. It was time to do something with them. So here it is.

 Apple Cake

Preheat Oven to 350

First, you will need to melt one half stick of butter in a heavy pan set over medium heat.
I used my cast iron skillet.

Next, add 2 cups of  peeled & chopped apples. At this point you can grate about 1/2 tsp fresh  nutmeg over the apples.
Warning! This might make your mouth water.

After tossing the apples around a bit to soak up all the butter, add 1 cup of lightly packed, light brown sugar. Give it a stir and let it simmer. It will turn into a lovely sauce. About five minutes is all you need.

You will end up with about two cups of  chunky apple saucey goodness. Ladle it into a measuring cup like me...or into a bowl. Whatever. Just do your thing.
Either way, set it aside. Have a bite, or three...but that's it! You want those  babies in the cake!

Moving on, the next bits all get mixed together. That's a picture of them, getting to know each other in the mixer...

So into the mixer
*or big bowl if you are using a hand mixer or whisk, goes;

1 box yellow cake mix (any brand will do)
1 small box instant vanilla pudding

1/2 cup oats 
3 eggs &
2 cups apple saucey goodness (recipe above)

That's it. Mix it all up until it is all well incorporated
and no sneaky little dry pockets exist on the bottom.

I then poured the batter into my Teflon bundt pan. I had previously sprayed it with a little Pam to ensure a good release.

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes. To check for done ness you can use the toothpick method. Generally I find that if the sides have started to pull away from the pan then it's good to go.
Let it cool to room temperature in the pan before you invert it over a plate and flip it out.

Now, as for frosting. There are so many choices! Endless possibilites and flavor combinations...

 it went something like this in my head.

Butter cream? Should I go with Cream Cheese? Ooh, what about Caramel or SALTED Caramel.. with the apples...or...straight caramel? Ooh, whipped cream! Whipped Cream with Caramel? Honey?

onand so it went...on and on...I happen to love frosting so this was a big decision for me.

I ended up with some heavy cream, whipped up with honey for sweetness.
I used my kitchen aid.
p.s I love my Kitchen Aid.
I didn't measure or take pictures of it because I am lame.                                                        
Essentially I threw myself off track with the endless possibilities of frosting.

Please don't let the poor quality of the photos deter you from trying this recipe. :o) It's Tasty.

Let me know what you think, if you decide to give it a try!



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